For the wives, daughters and ladies who have an interest in our hobby, you are not forgotten here as we offer you also the assistance of our womenfolk in developing your impression. We encourage the women to become involved in reenacting, as we believe the period of 1860 through 1865 was much more than just the fighting and battles.

In the rapidly growing hobby of Civil War reenacting, there is becoming a great need for places where women can gather and share information. As we make the transition from 21st to 19th century its always helpful to have friendly advice as we tackle learning everything from social etiquette to millinery techniques.

Life on the home front was often as difficult as life in the field. The ladies within Company K are all very willing to share their knowledge with you, so please contact them also. Remember, you don’t have to have a man in the Army to become a living historian.

The Victorian age was a wonderful time of grace, refinement, and fashion. But developing a credible impression of a Civil War woman takes an investment of time and research. We have collected here a group of links that we hope will aid you in beginning or improving your impression.

Originals By Kay site for women's Civil War fashions

The Curiosity Shop articles & presentations on mid-19th Century

Godey's Lady's Book An online collection from the 19th century's most famous women's publication

Civil War Photos from the Library of Congress A searchable database of 1118 photos, most images are from the Mathew Brady collection

Civil War Cookbook Offers recipes and suggestions for creating Civil War meals.