We assign a Corporal to each new recruit to help mentor that recruit. This facilitates fellowship and bonding with the men in the rank `n file.

Part of this mentoring by the Corporals is also to assist the recruit in obtaining his gear and uniform(s) properly. We caution the new soldier to avail himself of this most valuable service. The equipage mentioned herein is expensive, but, it is even more expensive when purchased incorrectly and must be repurchased later on down the road.

In order to assist our new recruits, the Quartermaster Sergeant maintains a stock of uniforms and trap for loan to these new members. We only ask that you make a honest attempt to secure your own equipment within a respectable time frame, so that others might be assisted by our Quartermaster.

The following items are common to both Confederate and Federal impressions:

Cotton Shirt (patterned were most common in all Armies)
Brogans (black was the most common color on both sides, good ones are critical to your comfort)
Wool or Cotton Socks
Cotton Drawers (more comfortable than modern clothing)
Suspenders (ticking with leather tabs)
Haversack (black tarred canvas was the most common for both sides, white canvas was the second most common)
Musket (three band is a MUST, no two band muskets allowed for safety reasons, `53 Enfield, `42 Springfield, `61 Springfield were used by both sides.
Musket sling (leather or canvas)
Bayonet (match the musket manufacturer)
Bayonet Scabbard and Frog (black leather, match musket, Enfield Musket, Enfield trap, NOTE: scabbard MUST have metal tip or you will not be allowed on the field)
Cartridge Box (black leather)
Percussion Cap Box (black leather)
Waist Belt (black leather)
Cartridge Box Shoulder Sling (black leather)
Canteen (standard Federal issue round Canteen, NOT the Bullseye Canteen. Brown or gray jeans cloth cover with web sling)
Tin Drinking Cup


The Following items are common only to the Confederate Impression:

Belt Buckle (Georgia Frame buckles or Tongue buckle)
Slouch Hat (brown or black felt, kepis and bummers were rare in the Army of Tennessee. Your hat was one of your most prized possessions, buy a good one!)
Trousers (military or civilian jeans cloth, brown, dark blue, gray. Sky blue Federal trousers were occasionally seen, but, were not common)
Shell Jacket (Columbus Depot, jeans cloth, brown, or gray is preferred, but wool is acceptable)

The following items are common only to the Federal (Union / Yankee) Impression:

Belt Buckle (Oval US)
Cartridge Box Plate (Oval US, not very common in the Army of the Tennessee)
Cartridge Box Shoulder Sling Plate (Federal Eagle, not very common in the Army of the Tennessee)
Hat (Union Blue Bummer for Army of the Potomac. Black Slouch, Hardee, Army of the Tennessee)
Fatigue Jacket / Sack Coat (Union Blue, four button, common for all Federal Impressions)
Trousers (Sky Blue, common for all Federal Impressions)