“Truly this is a cosmopolitan company, it is composed of Yankees, Crackers, Conchs, Englishmen, Spaniards, Germans, Frenchmen, Italians, Poles, Irishmen, Swedes, Chinese, Portuguese, Brazilian, but all are good southern men. There are also Scotchmen, Welshmen and some half Indians, surely this is the greatest mixture of nations for a small company that I ever heard of.”

Sergeant Robert Watson
Company K of the Seventh Florida Infantry Regiment
23 February 1862

Located in central Florida, Company K is a reactivated Confederate Infantry Company that was originally formed in and around the Hillsborough County area and became a part of the Army of Tennessee.

As was true of the original company, we are a most exceedingly diverse group. A number of our members have Confederate ancestors and some have Union ancestors…a few have BOTH, and others have none. We come from all parts of the country…North and South. We count amongst us teachers, engineers, firefighters, law enforcement officers, practitioners of the medical arts, counselors and members of the Armed Forces of the United States, both active duty and retired.

While we are a “Confederate” unit, we believe that galvanizing is an important part of our re-creation of American Civil War history and often don a Federal uniform to portray our impression of Company K, 7th Regiment of New Hampshire Volunteers.

In addition to military impressions, some of our members also portray civilians.

Re-enacting is a dynamic display of living history, the point of which is to bring alive a time and place in our nation’s history for the benefit of those who are more interested in learning about it.

We do not tolerate any organization or individual that advocates the overthrow of the United States of America, or discriminates FOR ANY REASON against our fellow man.